The world Jewish population stands at about 13 million today. At the Exodus, the Torah tells us that there were 600,000 men aged 20-60. Estimating from that figure (and yes, taking it literally, for the moment), we can conjecture that about 2-3 million Jews left Egypt. A few hundred years prior, the Jewish family embraced only 70 members, and only a little while before that, it numbered only Abraham and Sarah.

Abraham was promised that his children would be uncountably numerous, like the sands of the beach or the stars of the sky. The Milky Way galaxy contains anywhere from 100 billion to 500 billion stars. According to mathematicians at the University of Hawaii, there are 7.5 quintiliion(yep, as in million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion) grains of sand on earth.

Ok, so it’s not likely that God meant this one literally, hence my question: How many Jews is enough? Can we at any point say that God has fulfilled his promise to Abraham?