I didn’t mean the title to sound quite so snarky. Prager’s list of ten reasons that he is Jewish, featured in Moment Magazine, is actually quite good. Here is my favorite (and no, I won’t reproduce the whole list, nor will I link to the blogger who tipped me off to the article, as he DID reproduce the whole list, which is bad form as well as a possible copyright violation – a particularly egregious violation for a blogger who also runs a publishing house):

Judaism is concerned with the present world. Though Judaism absolutely affirms the afterlife (it is axiomatic that if there is a just God, there is an afterlife), the Hebrew Bible says nothing about what happens to us after death. The moment religion dabbles in the afterlife, it begins to ignore the evils of this life and can even foment evil. The theology of Muslim terrorists and their supporters, for example, rests on a preoccupation with heavenly rewards and a consequent disdain for this life. As Hamas frequently says, “We love death as much as the Jews love life.”

Too bad Prager can’t write about Judaism without taking some potshots at Islam.