In response to a halachic question submitted to him, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow of the Hesder Yeshiva of Petach Tikva (an Israeli Orthodox institution) has permitted women who are unmarried to become pregnant and raise children out of wedlock. There are a few restrictions:

  • Women must be at least 37 years of age
  • Women must have exhausted all conceivable options for getting married
  • Efforts to marry must not cease after conception or birth
  • Pregnancy should be achieved through artificial insemination
  • Preferably, a contractual arrangement should be reached with a Jewish sperm donor of certain identity. The parameters of the relationship can range from no further involvement to involvement in the life of the child to arrangements similar to that of divorced parents
  • If the above cannot be achieved, anonymous donation may only be accepted from a non-Jewish donor. Under no circumstances should anonymous Jewish donation be used for this purpose (there are some issues with anonymous Jewish donors regarding future marriageability).

Here’s the link, for those of you proficient in reading Hebrew.

ישיבת ההסדר פתח תקוה – לידה ללא נישואין