One year ago, I conceived of putting together a mix (as I am wont to do) in honor of Elul. The theme of the mix is Teshuva, repentance. I use music to set the mood for many things I do. Aside from the usual work mixes, drive mixes, and romantic mixes, I have my Friday mixes, for getting into the Shabbat mood, mixes for intense relaxation, music for flying, and music for cooking. I’ve got the music I listen to when I need to feel some emotional pain, and the mixes I listen to when I need some adrenaline and a kick in the rear. So why not a teshuva mix? The High Holidays can creep up on you if you don’t prepare for them, and having a mix I can listen to that brings me to some introspection, some deeper questioning and consideration, helps remind me that the time has come to evaluate the year, and evaluate my relationship with God.

In hopes that this music can do the same for you, I offer you my latest mix, 40 Day Return Policy.1

If you enjoy this mix, please donate something to your favorite charity, or to one of mine.


1 Note, this mix is not offered with any return policy.