Last year I put out a mix in time for Elul, when we begin to reflect on last year, repent, and envision new beginnings. I’m not quite up to the new beginnings part yet, but here is a link to that mix,  40 Day Return Policy. Once again, the mix is offered with no actual return policy, so if you don’t like it, yell at me in the comments.

This mix is offered free of charge and for non-commercial purposes. However, giving charity is an important part of Teshuvah, so please consider a charitable donation. This year, I’m pulling for the American Red Cross, which is dealing with Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf Coast as we speak, and looks to have a busy weekend in front of it with Hurricane Hannah scheduled to make landfall somewhere around Georgia or South Carolina on Friday. Gustav has made refugess of over two million people who fled New Orleans before the storm, and another one million folks are without power as we speak.