That’s what an Orthodox rabbi once told me when I asked him what the Orthodox Jewish plan was for dealing with the majority of Jews who are not Orthodox, and, in my mind, are unlikely to ever be Orthodox. Like many others, he had written off the other denominations as having no staying power and being unable to pass on their rite and ritual to their children. Eventually, all those other denominations, all those other Jews would die out, and the swarming, fertile, and ever-multiplying Orthodox would inherit the earth.

That approached bugged the hell out of me, mostly because I couldn’t imagine being smugly content at the thought of so many Jews fading from the world. Turns out, there’s a better reason to reject the approach – it doesn’t appear to be true. If you only read one blog post on Jewish denominational demographics this week, let it be this one. If you read more than one… well, let’s just say that you better be a sociologist.