A few of the Jew-blogs I read have posted requests for forgiveness in advance of Yom Kippur. I’m all in favor of creating awareness about this tradition, but to be honest, if I was truly wronged and someone tried to apologize to me via blog post (or SMS, or Facebook, etc.) I’d be pretty pissed off.

Anyway, how much do these ‘apologies’ really mean? I recall sending a long and heartfelt email to an ex-girlfriend, asking for forgivenss for some significant wrongs I’d done her. She wasn’t prepared to forgive me at that time. A year later I sent her another email, trying again to make amends. She wrote me back that while she could never really forgive me, she would certainly ‘Yom Kippur’ forgive me, if that would set my mind at ease. I’m not sure what stung more – that she was still so angry after years had gone by, or that she thought so little of my religious integrity as to offer me such a hollow forgiveness.