I learned today of some very sad news. Chisuk Emuna, one of the last traditional (non-egalitarian) Conservative synagogues in the country, experienced a terrible fire that destroyed their sanctuary, burned many of their siddurim and otehr seforim, and damaged their eleven Torahs, some very badly, perhaps even beyond repair. Total damages were estimated at $1 million, but thankfully, nobody was hurt in the blaze.

The matter strikes at the heart for me, because I was a community educator at Chisuk Emuna for two years. My wife and I would drive down to Harrisburg, where I would read Torah, lead davening, and teach classes. Each Shabbat, another warmhearted family would open their home and heart to us, and we would magically become a part of the fabric of this unique community. To Rabbi Muroff and all the lovely people we met, our hearts go out to you. To all my friends and family reading this, please join me in supporting the rebuilding campaign. You can learn more at http://chisukemuna.blogspot.com/, and watch the video slideshow below.