Book List

Biblical Criticism and Commentary

The Divine Symphony: The Bible’s Many Voices – Israel Knohl

The Beginning of Desire – Aviva Zornberg Gottleib

The Particulars of Rapture: Reflections on Exodus – Aviva Zornberg Gottleib

The Dawn: Political Teachings of the Book of Esther – Yoram Hazony

How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture, Then and Now – James Kugel

The Bible with Sources Revealed – Richard Elliot Friedman

Who Wrote the Bible? – Richard Elliot Friedman

The Bible As It Was – James Kugel

The God of Old: Inside the Lost World of the Bible – James Kugel

How to Read the Jewish Bible – Marc Zvi Brettler

Revelation Restored: Divine Writ And Critical Responses – David Weiss Halivni

Masters of the Word: Traditional Jewish Bible Commentary from the First Through Tenth Centuries – Yonatan Kolatch

Masters of the Word: Traditional Jewish Bible Commentary from the Eleventh Through Thirteenth Centuries – Yonatan Kolatch

Understanding Genesis (The heritage of Biblical Israel) – Nahum Sarna

Exploring Exodus: The Origins of Biblical Israel – Nahum Sarna

Midrash and Midrashic Analysis

Book of Legends/Sefer Ha-Aggadah: Legends from the Talmud and Midrash – Hayyim Nahman Bialik and Y.H. Rawnitzky

Legends of the Jews (2-Volume Set) – Louis Ginzburg

Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism – Howard Schwartz

Biblical Women in the Midrash: A SourceBook – Naomi Mara Hyman

Philosophy and Halachic Authority

People of the Book: Canon, Meaning, and Authority – Moshe Halbertal

Must a Jew Believe Anything? Second Edition with a New Afterword – Menachem Kellner

The Limits of Orthodox Theology: Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles Reappraised – Marc Shapiro

Peshat and Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis – David Weiss Halivni

Breaking the Tablets: Jewish Theology After the Shoah – David Weiss Halivni

Not in Heaven: The Nature and Function of Halakha – Eliezer Berkovits

A Living Covenant: The Innovative Spirit in Traditional Judaism – David Hartman

Love and Terror in the God Encounter: The Theological Legacy of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik– David Hartman

The Sabbath – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Principles and Development of Jewish Law: The Concepts and History of Rabbinic Jurisprudence from Its Inception to Modern Times – Mendel Lewittes

Judaism as a Civilization – Mordecai Kaplan

History, Culture, and Politics

Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple – Herschel Shanks

From Text to Tradition, a History of Judaism in Second Temple and Rabbinic Times: A History of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism – Lawrence Shiffman

The Rebbe’s Army: Inside the World of Chabad-Lubavitch – Sue Fishkoff

The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes – Avraham Burg

Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (Penguin Classics) – Hannah Arendt

The Destruction of the European Jews *3 Volumes* – Raul Hilberg

Translations and Study Guides

The Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide

Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures–The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text

The Koren Sacks Siddur: A Hebrew/English Prayerbook, Personal Size (Hebrew Edition)

Jewish Traditions (Jps Guide)

The Essential Talmud – Adin Steinsaltz


The Slave – Isaac Bashevis Singer

As a Driven Leaf – Milton Steinberg

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